User Interfaces

IBM Control Center web-based user interface that is hosted by the WebSphere Application Servers. The web console provides functions that are used routinely, such as monitoring activity and status, managing configuration objects, and running reports. All web consoles, regardless of the application servers they are connected to in a cluster, display the same information.

IBM Control Center User Interfaces
IBM Control Center Onboarding Servers

On-boarding servers

IBM Control Center supports onboarding servers through dynamic discovery and manual definition. Manually defined servers, such as IBM Sterling Connect: Direct and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, are on-boarded after the servers are configured in IBM Control Center through the console.

Processing events

IBM control center communicates with manually defined servers through the node services. EPs handle events from these servers immediately after the events are received. Similar to dynamically discovered servers, events from manually defined servers are also passed through visibility service, metadata service, rule service, and SLC service.

Control Center Processing Events
Control Center High Availability

High availability

IBM control center high availability architecture can use one or more EPs and WebSphere Application Servers. When you install multiple EPs and WebSphere Application Servers, you can implement IBM Control Center in a high availability environment. WebSphere Application Servers can host multiple web consoles and ERs.

Pragma Edge IBM Control Center Services Includes:

  • Architect, Design and implement visibility, Monitoring and Govenence to B2B and MFT file transfers
  • Improves B2B governance and compliance
  • Monitor the B2B, MFT, FTP, Connect Direct Instances
  • Extend governance over critical B2B integration and MFT file exchanges
  • Manage Connect Direct Instances with Control Center
  • Monitor SFG info and custom info on IBM Control Center
  • Monitor IBM Sterling B2B Integrator with IBM Control Center
  • Get Alerts on
  • Where is my file ?
  • Did we receive the expected file ?
  • Did we send the response file ?
  • Did we get the response file ?
  • Customized Cognos reports
  • Training