IBM Sterling Control Center Director

makes it faster & easier for you to centrally update & configure IBM Sterling Connect : Direct nodes

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Pragma Edge Sterling Control Center Director makes it faster and easier for you to centrally update and configure IBM Sterling Connect: Direct nodes — and scale your managed file transfer environment — so you can focus on other value-driven activities. With Control Center Director, you can easily identify and audit all Connect: Direct license entitlements, schedule and deploy patches and updates, and manage server configurations anywhere on the network.

Operate your MFT environment with efficiency - Remotely manage MFT nodes

The ability to remotely schedule and deploy updates, patches and fixes helps to liberate your MFT operations teams from many of the labor-intensive duties required when managing a large or geographically dispersed MFT environment. Instead, with Control Center Director, updates, patches and fixes can be applied as scheduled jobs to apply the changes during a predefined maintenance window or during non-essential business hours.

Using IBM Sterling Control Center Director, administrators can download the available Connect: Direct packages and make them available to users in the solution. Within a few clicks, the updates are scheduled. Users and admins can then easily track the status of jobs and see which are complete. Jobs can even be put on hold to avoid conflicts with other processes—all from a central console.

Connect: Direct servers can be updated individually, or organized into server groups. Control Center Director makes it faster and easier to update and configure Connect: Direct nodes. It allows you to centrally track all jobs, providing visibility across all maintenance activities taking place in the network. With Control Center Director, you can now efficiently deploy, update and track Connect: Direct nodes so that no file transfer endpoint or node is left vulnerable.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Control Center Director

Connect: Direct servers or thousands, the solution is purpose built to help manage and maintain them without burning out your staff. It makes it faster and easier to take care of your MFT environment. Central dashboards and remote update deployments allow operations staff to keep the environment current while freeing them up to work on other value-added activities.

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Govern with confidence

View and manage all Connect: Direct deployments in near real-time across your distributed environment for continuous audit and improved governance and compliance.

Operate MFT with efficiency

Remotely update all of Connect: Direct nodes from a central console, lowering the time and cost of managing your MFT environment.

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Scale to the enterprise

Resources are limited, but the needs are great. Provide uncompromising support and maintain compliance no matter the scale of your MFT environment.

IBM Sterling Control Center Director - Key highlights

Pragma Edge Sterling Control Center Director : The Smarter Way to Manage MFT Environments. It helps solve these challenges by providing centralized command and control over MFT nodes running IBM Sterling Connect Direct. While Connect: Direct provides an industry-leading solution for security-hardened, point-to-point file transfers, Control Center Director enables you to easily manage your distributed Connect: Direct nodes, track license usage, and schedule and deploy patches and updates.

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