Business-User Interface

FileGPS provides a simplified business end-user activity dashboard and SLA management interface to allow the business users, most knowledgeable about customer file activity and organizational commitments, to manage, track and get alerts on file activity and SLA non-compliance. Alerts can be personalized and can be received either on the dashboard, email or SMS.

PragmaEdge FileGPS Business User Interface
Internet security

Data Security

FileGPS provides fine-grain access controls for data security and restricting end-user access.

The solution allows for end-users and groups to be set up to view and/or manage SLAs for a specific customer or set of customers and can also restrict viewing to a specific file from a specific customer.

This enables greater business end-user participation in the solution because they won’t have access to information outside their responsibility.

SLA Management

FileGPS is a single solution that uniquely provides the ability for an organization to perform SLA monitoring and management across disparate IT systems and business applications.

Business end users can manage and monitor file processes and assign required SLAs because the events can be contextualized in business terms, not IT terms.

SLAs can be set at the partner, enterprise, business unit/group and file/transaction levels.

PragmaEdge FileGPS Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

FileGPS provides a canonical data model for standardizing event data collected from disparate systems within the enterprise.

More importantly, FileGPS allows each system in the process to enrich data collected to add more business context to the events being monitored.

Business enriched event data provides more meaningful insights for business end user experience and removes the complexity inherent in IT systems with their myriad, disparate identifiers and technical naming conventions.

Event Correlation

FileGPS’s sophisticated event correlation engine applies the intelligence to data collected to correlate the various events received from the participating business applications.

The engine uniquely identifies files received and links all the events together to trace the lineage and activities of the file as it moves through the enterprise across the various participating applications.

It even handles events received out of sequence due to system outages or planned downtime.


Big Data – Scalability

FileGPS is built on Big Data technology that can scale for business activity growth and to meet your expanded future needs.

Its high-speed event collection, streaming and NoSQL database provides the architecture components and capabilities to meet the most demanding business processes requirements.

This high-performance solution has delivered an incredible 4 million events per hour in a customer production setting.

Benefits Of PragmaEdge FileGPS Includes:

  • Monitor your Strategic goals, Operational Intelligence, Business Operations and Process improvements
  • Monitor Supplier performance, Predictive maintenance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Manage and react to performance grantee before they are hit
  • Monitor and Manage your performance of business process
  • Compare your process performance by industry standards
  • Integrate any business process exception to business users that can resolve the business case