IBM Control Center

Pragma Edge services helps Monitor the Smarter Commerce Activity, Manage and Monitor file transfer activities, Process activity, Server Activity, Develop reactive and proactive alerts, notifications.

Pragma Edge provides the following services:

  • Architect, Design and implement visibility, Monitoring and Govenence to B2B and MFT file transfers
  • Improves B2B governance and compliance
  • Monitor the B2B, MFT, FTP, Connect Direct Instances
  • Extend governance over critical B2B integration and MFT file exchanges
  • Manage Connect Direct Instances with Control Center
  • Monitor ITXA with IBM Control Center
  • Monitor SFG info and custom info on IBM Control Center
  • Monitor IBM Sterling B2B Integrator with IBM Control Center
  • Get Alerts on
    • where is my file ?
    • Did we receive the expected file ?
    • Did we send the response file ?
    • Did we get the response file ?
  • Customized Cognos reports
  • Training