Smarter Process

Our BPM and SOA solutions provides management and analytic processes that enables customer to achieve organization goals.

Some of the features of our solutions are:

Business performance management solution goals

    • Selection of goals
    • Consolidation of measurement information relevant to an organizations progress against these goals
    • Interventions made by managers in light of this information with a view to improving future performance against these goals

SOA and Integration services

To better achieve goals we combine our BPM solutions based on SOA patterns which integrates internal and external applications and partners

    • Governance: Identify and prioritize business goals, find the right project / People from different silos to meet your organizational objectives and drive the lifecycle of services for composite applications
    • Develop SOA Maturity Model and Road Map
    • Committing to a strategy for SOA
    • Articulating and refining the vision and strategy for SOA.
    • Reviewing current governance capabilities and arrangements
    • Developing a governance plan