Smart Business

Are you planning to reduce your time to market, Increase revenues, Optimize time cost and resources, looking to plug and play one or more technologies to integrate your business. Pragma Smart business is for you.

Pragma Smart business provides the accelerators and frameworks enable your business to Plan, Deliver, Manage and Optimize.

Features of Smart Business solution:

  • Provides business user the tools and ability to plan, Deliver and Optimize the Business operations
  • Provides the ability to manage the business from Desktop, iPad, Mobile and Kiosks
  • Integrate with Internet of things to connect business to the consumer and asserts
  • Manage and Optimize you business at the instance
  • Monitor your business at realtime
  • Visualize time, cost and resource , identify the bottleneck in the process and identify the improvement areas and see them unfold
  • Deploy and Manage your business on secure framework