Cognitive Commerce

Pragma Edge Cognitive Commerce is most advanced solution that enables enterprise to streamline customer communication though multiple channels. Many enterprise utilizes b2bi, file transfers, email, faxes and portal for there customer to trade, often times there is no centralized way to monitor and manage the customer community though this channels.  Pragma Edge Cognitive commerce offer one integrated solution and a stream-lined business process to manage the workflows to bring efficiencies.


  • B2Bi – Manage Trading Partner communication and Variations with ease
  • Document Automation – Digitalize your Document, Fax into XML or flat file that can be integrated with your ERP / Backend applications
  • Email – Route your customer emails to the respective service team based of the rules you define
  • Excel – Automate the excel sent over email into to back end applications
  • PDF: Generate PDF and sent to your partners
  • Portal: Provide self service and no touch processing of your documents
  • Watson Analytics: Monitor and manage the documents and flows, identify trends and improvement areas