PhoneGap is an Open Source mobile development framework and we specialize in buiding custom hybrid mobile apps using HTML5, CSS3 and extending the application to integrate with Native device API like accelerometer, compass, device specific info, geolocation, Media, Storage, Camera, Network Connections, Events, Globalization, Notifications, Capture, Contents, File, In App Browser, Splash Screens.

Known for our fast development times and extensive expertise with the open source PhoneGap technology, Pragma Edge’s experienced PhoneGap developers can create mobile applications that will work seamlessly across all the major mobile device platforms and operating systems and provide a positive user experience. We have expertise using widgets, plugins, extensions, and components to simulate native like user experiences and grant your cross-platform mobile app some innovative leverages with least investment.


Once you engage Pragma Edge, you would have benefits in your cross-platform app development such as:

  • Your mobile app would be compatible with and support all major mobile platforms attracting more audience for your app with least investment
  • We code once and deploy on all platforms using out-of-box native code layering tools and technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) of PhoneGap. Thus, you have quick development within less time to market luring small to medium businesses as well as big enterprises
  • We would make your mobile app supporting all native features including accelerometer, camera, touch gestures, GPS, Bluetooth, and many other advance features on mobile platforms, which are not available on Web App
  • We have domain expertise and experience in web services and database management to build back-end support on modern mobile applications
  • We have skills to use native IDE and tools using exceptional features of the PhoneGap to work on such native tools on PhoneGap and bring all native like functionality in your robust mobile app