Pragma Edge delivers broad set of capabilities available with Anypoint Platform that will enable business agility and create better. These capabilities uniquely enable reuse, self-service, composability, governance and security. Infused throughout our best practices for designing, building,and managing both APIs and integrations to deliver projects faster.

Our Services Covers:

  • Design, Model, Validate, Simulate the integration
  • Accelerating delivery by composing flows with prebuilt templates and connectors
  • Improve¬†API quality by iterating with integrated design and implementation tooling
  • Promoting collaboration by designing APIs with human-readable RAML specs
  • Enabling reuse through sharing, well-governed, well-designed integration
  • Reducing time to delivery ¬†and operations by managing all resources from a single pane of glass
  • Increasing flexibility by deploying on a hybrid iPaaS
  • Build Integration on-premise, Public Cloud, Private cloud
  • Create Microservices
  • Deliver Microservices on Docker for high volume transaction throughput
  • Deliver secure edge gateway for API Integration
  • Connect with SAP, Oracle, MASS 360, Infor, IBM OMS, People Soft
  • Connect with Applications or Partners utilizing FTP, FTPS, SFTP, AS2
  • Integrate with Big Data
  • Integrate MuleSoft with Splunk