IBM Integration Bus

Enterprise Service Bus eliminate point-to-point integrations and batch processing improving business flexibility and smart interoperability of systems regardless of platform, protocol or data format. Our services includes developing mature integration solutions utilizing SOA, SOI, EAI methods which promotes agility and flexibility in integration of applications.

Pragma Edge Integration services :

  • Integrate ERP, CRM, home grown and back end applications using modular approch
  • Monitor and control routing of integration points
  • Marshal use of redundant services
  • Deliver Message-processing, message transformation and message enrichment
  • Deliver event-interpretation, correlation, pattern-matching
  • Analysis, Design and Development of Enterprise/Business Integration solutions using IIB
  • Implement multiple topologies and clustering
  • Delivering complex Integration implementations
  • Integration with disparate applications across multiple hardware and software platforms
  • Integration with IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) to enable content based routing based on a rules engine
  • Migration from message broker v6.1, 7, 8 to IIB using In Place Broker Component Migration or Parallel Broker Component Migration
  • Migration from IIB 9 to IIB 10
  • Training and production support