Improve corporate performance by managing and optimising company’s business processes. We deliver BPM solution to enable organizations to be efficient, effective and capable of change. Re-engineered processes can help postively impact the cost and revenue generation of an organization.
Our services integrate People, Process and Information to derive cost, time and resource optimization

Pragma Edge BPM services:

  • Visualize – functions and processes
  • Analyze – compare the various simulations to determine an optimal improvement
  • Measure – determine the appropriate measure to determine success
  • Improve – select and implement the improvement
  • re-engineer – revamp the processes from scratch for better results
  • Measure – Measure the new process
  • Process Improvment – Work on continuous process improvment
  • control – monitor the improvement in real time and feed the performance information back into the simulation model in preparation for the next improvement iteration
  • Architecture and Design of BPM roadmap
  • Installation, Configuration and Customization services
  • Analysing, Prioritizing and Harmonizing Business Processes
  • Harvesting, Extraction and Consolidation of Business Rules
  • Integrate with Business monitoring tools (like IBM BAM) to provide user-defined real-time monitoring dashboards
  • Integrate with Operational Decision Management tools
  • Ongoing Application Maintenance & Support
  • Technical and Functional training