eCommerce Mobility

Pragma Edge eCommerce Mobility solution is intended to provide access to IBM WebSphere Commerce Server, Management Center in smart phones


  • Providing access to information from anywhere to manage business
  • Perform day to day store maintenance activities
  • Access Management Center from smart tools
  • Provide more usable, intuitive, and efficient way to manage eCommerce stores
  • Efficient Operation management
  • Allows business users to perform merchandising and marketing tasks to create, update, and maintain merchandising and marketing assets in stores
  • Create and manage master and sales catalogs, including defining categories, creating products and SKUs, categorizing SKUs, and bundling SKUs
  • Enrich and manage product content, and create merchandising associations
  • Create and manage promotions for store merchandise
  • Review and manage promotions using the promotions calendar view
  • Manage content within a workspace by selecting tasks, managing content within tasks, adding comments, and approving or rejecting tasks
  • Work on assigned tasks, complete tasks and submit tasks for approval
  • Create experiments to test campaign activities effectiveness
  • Create and manage marketing content
  • Review and manage marketing activities using the activities calendar view
  • Push Notifications