Pragma Edge SaaS MFT-B2B

Pragma Edge provides MFT-B2B solution on the cloud. We offer a hosted Software as a Service to handle your Managed File transfers and B2B (EDI, EDIFACT, XML, Flat files, HIPAA, HL7) and other transactions in the cloud. Solution provides  secure file transfers from your Partners into your cloud application / on-premise applications using regular expression with simple intuitive UI.

SaaS MFT-B2B is build on Sterling File Gateway / Sterling B2B Integrator architecture, which enables efficient development of new features. This design enables you to respond rapidly to business and technology changes.

The platform:

  • Supports a business process management approach to integration
  • Provides enterprise scalability, manageability, and security
  • Delivers non-invasive integration with pre-existing systems
  • Supports emerging e-business standards frameworks
  • Enables rapid change management and deployment
  • Enables multiple interaction styles
  • Offers a diverse, open-ended functionality set that you can extend in numerous ways
  • Facilitates interoperability of integrating software
  • Promotes widespread adoption of key industry standards
  • Enables data transformation and data management activities that are the cornerstone of your processes

SaaS MFT-B2B contains transaction engine that runs the processes you define and manages them according to your business requirements.

Its platform supports high-volume electronic message exchange, complex routing, translation, and flexible interaction with multiple internal systems and external business partners:

  • Ties together applications, processes, data, and people, both within and outside your organization
  • Offers flexible options for deployment, configuration and customization, including the functionality to add capabilities one at a time
  • Complements, rather than disrupts, your critical existing systems
  • Provides a robust security infrastructure
  • Includes innovative visual management tools for easy configuration of and visibility into work flows, system and trading partner activities, translation maps, and business process implementation
  • Works with existing and emerging business and communication standards

Pragma Edge SaaS MFT-B2B on Cloud is available on:

  • Amazon web-services (AWS)
  • Azure
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Private secure servers